dstelecom wins best poster award at the MIT Portugal Program conference

At dstelecom we believe that knowledge should be free and shared, only in this way can we achieve our goals. Following our participation in the MIT Portugal Program conference, held in Aveiro on the 20th of September, we lifted the veil a little more...

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Innovation: dstelecom is present at the opening of the 1st Free Technological Zone in Portugal

At dstelecom, innovating is one of the characteristics that accompany our daily lives. We look at market demands and see in them challenges capable of opening borders and transporting us to higher levels of excellence. We are committed to innovation ...

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dstelecom present at JOIN

On the 28th of June, dstelecom participated in JOIN, acronym for “Jornadas de Informática”, which was organized by the students of Computer Engineering at the University of Minho. This is an annual event that aims to promote interaction between stude...

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ID Talks | 2nd edition

The mission of democratizing innovation among dstelecom workers remains a priority, and for this reason the 2nd edition of ID Talks took place on the 23rd of June. In this session, which was presented in a hybrid format, in person and online, the foc...

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When social responsibility is part of our DNA

Last December we launched a challenge to our workers. The mission was simple: to promote the Christmas spirit. From the office to the field, including telecommuting workers, many have joined this initiative. From the Christmas spirit, we quickly trav...

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dstelecom brings optical fiber to 95% of houses in Vila Pouca de Aguiar

By March of this year, 95% of houses in the municipality of Vila Pouca de Aguiar will have the opportunity to take advantage of dstelecom's fiber optic network, a 30% increase over current coverage in the municipality. Under this expansion, more than...

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1/3 of Portugal with dstelecom signature

The first step was taken.Dstelecom's mission was to eliminate geographical barriers and allow all Portuguese to have the opportunity to interact with the digital world through the most modern communications networks. All in all, the results speak for...

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